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Subsistance Farming

What are aquaponics?

“The cultivation of fish and plants together in a constructed, recirculating ecosystem utilizing natural bacterial cycles to convert fish waste to plant nutrients. This is an environmentally friendly, natural food-growing method that harnesses the best attributes of aquaculture and hydroponics without the need to discard any water or filtrate or add chemical fertilizers.”

Bernstein, S. (2011). Aquaponic gardening a step-by-step guide to raising vegetables and fish together. Gabriola, B.C: New Society Pub.



Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 2.38.38 PM.png

We are a group of four students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) completing our interactive qualifying project (IQP). The goal of our project is to address the food insecurity of Namibia with the use of aquaponic systems. 



We would like to take a moment to thank our wonderful sponsors, the Hanns Seidel Foundation. They have been the driving force, making our project possible. Even though we were not able to travel and stay in Namibia, they have been willing to adapt our project to still make it possible. We hope that along side them, we will be able to give back to Namibia and give them resources to help them in their subsistence farming efforts. Thank you again Hanns Seidel Foundation!

Our Goals with this Blog

We aim to make an easy to access blog that is fun to read, informative and hopefully sparks your interest about aquaponic systems. We will be sharing all of the new and exciting information that we learn throughout our project. This will include background research, current systems being built and systems you could potentially make at home. Seeing as many of us are stuck inside due to the pandemic, we hope include some educational material that could be used as at home agricultural projects, keeping everyone engaged and curious. We hope everyone is safe and healthy! Enjoy our project!

Mary, Sarah, Sophie and Nick

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